Design Build

We can layout your entire project, plot your drawings, and provide you with an engineered stamped drawing assuring you that your project meets all applicable codes and standards.

Why Design build? Often times, customers will request that we budget projects and break out pricing on all special systems such as security, telephone/data, sound, video surveillance, CATV, lighting controls, and emergency power. If the owner does not have funds available for the total project, they can select systems according to their needs to fit the total budget.

With bid jobs, it is common that the project is over budget and we are asked to “value engineer” the electrical work. Without compromising the quality of the project, we try to find a less expensive alternative to give the customer the project they are looking for while reducing the overall cost. If we cannot hit the project budget, then we start taking specified packages and try to find “equals” to the products specified at a lower cost. Often times, we can still give the customer a top quality project while working within the owners overall budget.

Benefits of Design Build:

  • A customer build project tailored to your needs
  • No unexpected change orders
  • The ability to pick and choose the options for your project based on your budget
  • Outstanding customer service